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Nautilus CCF-X2 Fly Reel


Newest addition to the Nautilus Family, the Nautilus CCF-X2 is the 2013 International Fly Tackle Dealer “Best In Show Winner.” FREE SHIPPING from Caddis Fly Shop.

This reel series was spawned from the best attributes of the CCF and FWX drag systems with spectacular results.

The new CCFX2 reel has three models to suit anglers chasing large species of any kind.

No. 6/8 is designed for the steelhead and bonefisher and holds lines six to eight easily and weighs only 7.6oz.

No. 8/10 will handle everything from Salmon to Tarpon and only weighs 8.6oz, The CCFX2 No 8/10 won't wear your arm out fishing all day. It's an excellent reel for switch and light spey as well.

No 10/12 is your big Tarpon, Blue water, larger spey reel capacity is a 12wt and 250yds of #30 and weighs 8.9oz

Nautilus reels are known for quality, yet the CCF-X2 comes at a price that won’t make you grimace while offering top notch performance.

There is a reason it’s the CCF-X2. It has a dual action CCF-X2 drag system with twice the drag strength (20+ pounds), twice the smoothness and half the start-up inertia.

The Nautilus CCF-X2 can be switched from left hand to right hand retrieve in mere seconds. The spool tracks true and effortlessly at all drag settings. In 6 full turns the drag goes from free spool to lock down.

Innovative Features Include:

• Super light (between 7.6oz to 8.9 oz) • Fully sealed with proprietary Activseal water proofing • Hybrid ceramic bearings • TPX bushings • Infinadjust drag tuning technology

More information on the New Nautilus Silver King CCFX2

base of spool where backing is tied on: 2.65” at base of backing for 10 weight: 3.275" at base of backing for 8 weight: 3.45”

So line pick up: Your last turn of backing on the spool will measure 8.32” Your first turn of fly line onto the backing with a 10 weight will pick up 10.28” Your first turn of fly line onto the backing with an 8 weight will pick up 10.83”

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