New Echo Swing Trout Spey and Trout Spey Outfits shipping now.(details)
New for late fall 2023 Echo Swing Trout Spey models 11ft 3 and 4wts along with a custom outfit will get you into trout spey for an affordable price.

RIO Elite Predator Fly Line


RIO Elite Predator Fly Line is designed to cast large and heavy flies with low stretch ultra slick performance. A short powerful taper and RIO's Surfire tri-colored measuring system will aid in distance and accuracy.

RIO Elite Predator lines are available in floating and sink tips options and feature the industries slickest and most durable coating. Predator lines also feature head lengths that get shorter as the line gets heavier in order to accomadate huge predator fish fly patterns.

Elite Predator Lines come in four configurations to reach fish at all levels of the water.

1) A full floating line for all things top water.

2) A floating line with 10ft hove sinking and then 10ft of intermediate sinking at the front for fishing the top top 2-3 feet of water.

3) A floating line with 10ft of intermediate sinking, then 10ft of medium sinking or type 3 sinking at the front.

4) A floating line with 10ft of fast sinking line, and 10ft of extra fast sinking line for getting down deep quickly.

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