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RIO Toothy Critter Pike Musky Leader


When you need to tackle toothy critters like Pike and Musky RIO Pike/Musky Tapered Leaders will protect you from losing that fish of a lifetime. Designed with ultra-stiff mono leader attached to a tough, bite resistant knottable wire shock tippet or stealthy fluoro configuration that is ideal for Pike, Musky and similar toothy species.

Pike Musky Tapered Leader configurations include: 1) Standard Pike/Musky 7.5 foot, 20lbs and 30lbs knottable wire options featuring a twist clip tied to the end for easy and quick rigging. 2) Pike Musky Magnum 4.5 foot, 40lb knottable wire option is hand-tied with a twist clip and intended for the largest flies and fast sinking lines. 3) Pike Musky Stealth 6 foot, 60lb and 80lb fluoro options ( no wire ) are in hand-tied and intended for stealthy presentations to pressure pike and musky. These do not include a twist clip.

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