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Rio Pike Musky Tapered Leader

The Rio Pike Musky Tapered Leaders are EXTREMELY TOUGH; they sport a firm butt taper to deliver bushy large flies; they add a wire tip to withstand sharp teeth while delivering great knot strength. If you fish Pike and Musky, these wire tipped tapered leaders are on the menu every day of the week.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Pike Musky Tapered Leaders:

Rio's super abrasion resistant specialty tapered leader for pike, musky, and every razor-toothed fish.

Material: Stiff nylon nylon monofilament. Great abrasion resistance and fly delivery stiffness.

Perfection Loop: This loop at the butt makes it easy to attach the leader to your fly line.

7.5 ft: Rio Tapered Pike Musky leaders are available at the best length for the vast majority of real world fishing situations.

Leader Strength: These leaders taper down to 16 lb and then are tipped with a 1 ft section of silver wire with snap attachment: this final foot provides the important tooth protection characteristic of the leader.

Wire Strength options: Available in 20, 30, and 45 lb wire tips.

Why choose silver or bronze? the silver wire is stiffer and has a snap link to attach your fly. The Bronze wire is more flexible and you can tie your own knot to add your fly instead of using a snap.