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Multi Color GSP Backing


The Caddis Fly Angling Shop can supply your most discriminating GSP backing needs with bulk spools of RIO 65 lb backing - Shipped free to most locations.

Rio supplies this premier GSP backing woven from 8 strands of snugly woven GSP material from the finest suppliers in Japan who excel in the manufacture of these lines.

Multi-colored GSP shifts hue every 10 meters to lay the foundation for the most spectacular looking reel spool you have ever seen - and is a super performing round backing that winds perrfectly on the spool and manages in a superior fashion.

65 lb strength is approximately 30kg.

This fantastic GSP backing takes up less space than # 30 Dacron backing, so you can load far more onto your spool in preparation for fishing everything from trout, to catfish, to bass, pike, musky, and saltwater species like dorado, roosterfish, GT, bonefish, and billfish.

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