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Mastery Grand Slam Taper Fly Line


Scientific Anglers Mastery Grand Slam fly lines are designed for Permit, Tarpon, and Bonefish anglers fishing general saltwater conditions in flats and estuaries.

SA Mastery Grand Slam fly line Sales, Video and Guide Reviews.

This SA fly line is the very good one for budget minded anglers fishing saltwater flats and estuaries hoping to catch a grand slam in a single day adventure.

Summary of key Mastery Grand Slam line features:

Mastery Grand Slam lines are built on agressive taper designs so they will turn over flies on short lines and cut through wind.

Designed for hot and temperate waters.

Aqua blue head and blue body.

Head length? 40 ft

Overall line length? 100 ft.

Line weights in this fly line: 6 wt to 12 wt

Mastery Grand Slam fly lines are clearly labeled with front and rear loops and Tropical Core Technology

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