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Caddis Fly Large Waterproof Slit Foam Fly Boxes


Slit Foam Waterproof Fly Boxes - Sale Priced, Fast Free Shipping, NO Sales tax

You would think we were closing these out they are such a great deal. A similar box from C+F designs is nearing $50.

Made with metal hinges, secure closure, slit foam and a waterproof gasket these boxes are tough and amazingly cheap. Folks this is a C+F knock off all the way.

The two large boxes offered here measure 7.75 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width.

The slotted flat foam box is ideal for streamers, larges dries and large nymphs. The slotted swing leaf box is ideal for smaller nymphs and dries. The swing leaf is easily removed if you simple want two sides of smaller slit foam.

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