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Airflo Extreme Running Line: 30 Lb & 50 Lb Lines

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These Airflo Extreme Tropical Running Lines offer great performance to anglers fishing shooting heads in the all climates with heavy line class tippets for the largest fish. Our coldwater Spey and Saltwater clients fish this EXTREME running line and while it was formerly referred to as a tropical line we have proved this is not the case.

Reviews & Sales - why we fish Airflo Extreme Tropical 30 & 50 Lb floating Running Lines in warm and cool waters:

Pretty simple. Heat and heavy tippets are not friendly to most running lines. So when we head south, and fish strong core shooting heads with high strength tippets, these are our running lines of choice. Notably, these running lines perform well in cool waters for spey and shooting head use.

Key Distinguishing Feature: The Airflo Extreme Tropical Running Line - 30 or 50 Lb lb - is a level floating fly line, looped on each end for simple attachment.

NOT JUST for TROPICS: Yes, this Airflo running line has a tropics friendly line coating. That said, several of our clients prefer this line for winter spey fishing (30 Lb) as well as offshore coldwater shooting head use. These folks tell us that - yes - the running line is a little on the stiff side in cool waters, but it is quite tangle free and they like the firmness. Some also use the 50 Lb for Spey fishing with heavy Skagit heads and heavy tippets like 15 Lb Maxima Ultragreen.

Important Note: given that the core of this running line is either 30 Lb or 50 Lb, we choose to fish tippets that are under the class rating of the running line. Reserve the heaviest tippets for the 50 Lb running line.

Fishing Advantages:The Airflo Extreme Tropical Running Line is a great choice when you want a super tough running line for tropical shooting heads, big fish, and heavy leader tippets. This running line is designed to keep from getting soft and tangling in the heat, and it will shoot well under these extreme conditions.

Compatible Heads: Any tropics-specific floating or sinking shooting head will fish on this Extreme Tropical running line.

Line Taper: Level from front end to rear loop.

Line Length: About 100 ft.

Sink rate: This line is a full floater.

Line weights available: this floating Extreme Tropical running line is offered as 30 Lb or 50 Lb - the drop down menu will allow you to choose the line you wish to order.

Line Color: gray- white

Airflo Slim Loops: The front and back ends of this running line are both equipped with welded loops. The rear loop is a small loop for attaching to braided backing. The front loop is about 6 in long to make for easy attachment of your shooting head.

Airflo Line Marking System: Not applicable, this line is not marked at the loop, but the grey-white color identifies it as the Extreme Tropical option.

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