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AirFlo Fly Lines

Airflo fly lines have a sterling reputation and deliver superior performance in waters around the world, with specialized designs and an loyal customer base around the world.

The Caddis Fly Shop will deliver your Airflo fly line to Domestic clients with no shipping fees.

The Caddis Fly Staff recommends Airflo Fly Lines for many fishing situations, from the mountain streams to the tropical flats to bluewater ocean fisheries.

The Airflo Skagit Compact fly line was a ground breaker, and now with the advent of shorter Spey rods, the Airflo Switch line has already earned a starting slot on the team. Airflo Dry Spey fly lines include several unique features including the finesse of the Scandi Compact, the authority of the Rage Compact, and the versatility of the Tactical Steelhead. Indicator anglers who fish two hand rods have the ultra effective Speydicator at their command.

Airflo fly lines offer quality and versatility. Distance casters reach for horizon with the Airflo Forty Plus. Trout anglers have a range of Airflo Ridge Supple fly lines at hand, including the Ridge Tactical fly line, and the Sixth Sense fly lines are an excellent option for both trout and steelhead fishing. Tropical fly fishing settings provide Airflo fly lines another opportunity to show off their performance excellence, including high leaping Tarpon, flats Bonefish , and bluewater Big Game Depthfinder fly lines.

Why do we recommend Airflo fly lines?

We fish, inventory and recommend the best modern fly lines for our customers; these items tend to be manufactured consistently by Rio, Airflo, and Scientific Anglers. Frankly, it is difficult to find a fly line by any of these manufacturers that is not an excellent performer under the right conditions. Our customers tend to have a certain sense of brand loyalty and gravitate back to a single brand when purchasing fly lines. A few lines do offer performance advantages in specialized conditions and we strive to meet both philosophical and technical preferences of our customers to supply the very best - regardless of who makes it.

Airflo fly lines - Tech advantages.

Here are some of the technical aspects of Airflo that we particularly respect:

Tough, small diameter loops. Many Airflo fly lines have slim loops that are tough as nails, figuratively speaking, to join to running lines and sink tips. This is especially true with all of the Airflo products designed for two hand rod fishing.

Climate adaptability. Airflo fly lines are designed and labeled to deliver optimum performance in waters that range from the tropical to the arctic, so that cold water striper anglers have lines that are still supple and Tarpon anglers have fly lines that have not turned into a sticky puddle on the deck.

Ridge Technology. Many Airflo Fly lines have ridges that allow the line to run through guides with less resistance, making for smoother, longer casts. Other manufacturers offer alternative approaches, and these all make performance sense to us.

Polyurethane versus PVC? Airflo fly lines are PVC-free and the exclusive use of Polyurethane has delivered excellent fly line coatings that are environmentally friendly. We still come back to performance as our key demand and Airflo delivers the goods every time.

Density Compensation. Airflo fly lines that are designed to sink, do so at reasonably consistent rates along the length of the line. This feature is considered a modern standard, and sets all of the big-three fly line manufacturers on firm sinking line grounds, so to speak.

Airflo fly lines are durable. Frankly, we have difficulty distinguishing durability factors among any of Airflo, RIO, and SA fly lines these days. We encourage our customers to examine their fly lines and replace dirty, cracked, or nicked fly lines. That said, all of the modern fly lines are very durable and stand up well to tough fishing conditions. Saltwater tropical conditions are perhaps an exception where it is important to make almost daily line cleaning and examination part of the ritual. Coral sand and hot water make for a punishing environment. Airflo lines stand up to the toughest conditions with the best of the lot.

Any species, any season, anywhere. Airflo lines suit the fly fisher in a high mountain stream angling for 7" trout, the bass-bug tossing Bucketmouth hunter, the bluewater Billfish angler, the Salmon and Steelhead Spey fisher, and the Striper captain. Point is, Airflo designs are versatile, and offer something for any conditions you can name, worldwide.