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Airflo Rage Compact Spey Fly Line

The Airflo Rage Compact fly line takes the dry line Spey fishing to a new level, offering improved capability for fishing in windy, blustery conditions with monster flies. The Airflo Rage Compact is a fine addition to the Airflo Spey fishing team which includes the Tactical Steelhead for general wet and dry Spey fishing, the Skagit Switch for short rod Spey fishing, the Scandi Compact for small dry fly delicacy, and the Speydicator for egg and nymph dunkers.

Rage Compact Heads are now available in smaller grain weight sizes for trout spey fishing!

Angler Reviews of Airflo Rage Compact Fly Line.

This Spey head fly line from Airflo is specially formulated to provide a dry line that will drive your cast into strong winds with bulky flies and will even fish modest sink tips if the conditions demand. The Airflo Rage Compact offers an evolutionary step beyond the already amazing Scandi Compact Spey lines, because it really allows the dry line Spey fisher more versatility to adapt to wind, large flies, and will drive your cast into wind and into the far-off places where steelhead lay.

Why fish an Airflo Rage Compact fly line? If you fish a dry line in wind, or if you fish wind-resistant flies, or if you fish modest size intruder style flies on a dry line, or if you want to mostly fish a dry line but occasionally slip on a modest sink tip for damp presentations -- the Aifrlo Rage Compact is the best Spey fly line for you. It will deliver a cast more authoritatively than your Scandi Compact in the afore mentioned conditions, plain as day.

Slim, dependable Loops. Airflo loop connections are slender and strong, and this creates ease of switching lines simple and also reduces the resistance when the loops slide though the guides playing fish on this line.

Labeled Loops. Airflo Spey fly lines, including this Rage Compact line, have the grain-weight labeled on the tip end of the line, a serious improvement over the previous color code approach.


Practical experience with Airflo Rage Compact fly lines. In the very simplest terms, the Airflo Rage Compact slips in the considerable space between the Skagit Compact and the Scandi Compact. The Skagit excels at casting big, heavy sink tips and weighted flies that may look like wet chickens. The Scandi Compact is a wonderful Spey Head with a long front taper that is spot-on when we want to fish a dry line tipped with a small to modest sized dry or damp fly.

The Rage offers a fly line that is a joy to cast with a floating, intermediate, or modest sink tip. The Rage Compact is a fly line that is significantly more tapered than a Skagit, but far more assertive than a Scandi Compact.

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