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Airflo Salmon Steelhead PolyLeader

The Airflo Salmon Steelhead Polyleaders are the most useful option for anyone fishing anadromous Salmon, steelhead or trout.

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_ This tapered Polyleader is one that is almost universally appropriate to both short and long leaders when fishing for Salmon & Steelhead. Please don't forget great lakes and Argentina lake and sea-run Browns and European Sea-Trout.

Key features: This is our favorite all-water, all-season Polyleader when we pursue salmon or steelhead, EXCEPT when we need to fish for the largest of these species,and then we go for the 40 Lb Polyleader option, listed separately.

Why choose the 5 ft, 10 ft, or 14 ft option? Generally, we fish the 5 ft option when fishing faster sinking Polyleaders in relatively shallow runs and pocket water. When Spey fishing, we usually fish the 10 ft or 14 ft Polyleader with floating through extra fast sinking options because it provides the most secure anchor for our spey casting. With single hand rods, the longer leader may be used depending on how deeply we want to fish our fly.

Tippet Options: We add level mono or fluorocarbon tippet to these Polyleaders.

Core strength and tippet compatibility: 24 Lb mono core. We usually use tippets as light as 8 Lb but more likely would use tippets in the 10 lb to 15 Lb range for our Salmon and Steelhead fishing, depending on fly and fish size. These will cast any of our flies, even the big heavy ones.

PolyLeader Length: These are 5 ft, 10 ft, or 14 ft Polyleaders - to which you add your tippet with a perfection loop or surgeon's knot.

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