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Ridge 2.0 Superflo Flats Tactical Taper

Airflo Ridge 2.0 Superflo Flats Tactical Taper is perfect for spooky fish on calm days, those do happen on the flats some days! Pinpoint casts with moderate weight bonefish and tarpon patterns are idea. This is a killer line for super spooky trigger fish. If you are going to rig a flats rod for picky fish make sure to have the Ridge 2.0 Flats Tactical on it.

Airflo Ridge 2.0 represents a major step forward in line performance, with a smoother Ridge profile that allows great flexibility, reduced stiffness, no compression, and reduced friction in the guides. Super low running line diameters and super low friction means very little line drag in the guides, netting a signifigant increase in line speed. Ridge 2.0 Flats Tactical is available in line weights 6-11 weight forward floating.

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