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AirFlo Sixth Sense Fly Line


Airflo Sixth Sense fly lines are the best general purpose trout fly line, based on the proven Delta Taper, exceptionally suited to both river and stillwaters fly fishing.

If you fish river or stillwater trout, sea-trout, and similar species, the Sixth Sense fly line series of lines from Airflo offers exceptional qualities that the expert angler will appreciate.

Airflo offers the Sixth Sense Delta Taper fly lines in a most unassuming package, but the expert anglers we know have learned that these fly lines are fantastic performers.

Why consider the Airflo Sixth Sense?

Delta Taper: great casting on single hand and switch rods at short and great distance when needed.

Super low stretch line core: better hook setting performance and strike detection.

Low Memory: thatís right, you will find few tangles at your feet with these lines.

Diverse floating and sink rates offer great options: The floater really floats. The Intermediate is offered in 0.5 inch and 1.5 inch sink options. The full sink lines are sink 3 and sink 7 rates.

Line Tapers: Above you will see three line taper diagrams for the various sink rates available in the Airflo Sixth Sense Series. From top to bottom, the diagrams are of the floating line, the intermediate line, and the full sinking line.

Why are the Intermediate lines so unique? The slow sink rates are nearly unique in the fly line world and are crucial to successful delivery of flies in still waters. Expert anglers well understand that it is not good to present your fly deeper than the fish are laying or feeding. As estuary salmon anglers in Oregon, we often use these trout fly lines for Chinook simply because they sink so slowly and keep our flies in the salmon zone longer than the majority of intermediate sink fly lines.

What is the Delta Taper? The Sixth Sense Delta Taper is roughly 46 ft long and the running line is about 59 ft long. These are not the short thick lines we so often cast and they present a thinner profile in the water which may tend to spook shy fish less than the more aggressive WF tapers.

Line weights available: Sixth Sense fly lines will perform on rods from 3 to 9.