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Rio Mainstream Bass Fly Line

As far as we are concerned, The Rio Mainstream Bass series of fly lines offer the most economically priced, best quality fly line to suit the widest range Bass fly fishing for both generalist and specialist fly angler lakes, streams, and estuaries are all places where the Rio Mainstream Bass fly line will put you in the game.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Mainstream Series Bass Fly Lines, a modestly priced all-water, all-angler fly line to fish for Bass and similar types of fish with large wind resistant flies.

Rio scored a touchdown with this Mainstream Bass line - an economically priced, a full floating line in #6-#10 wt, easy-to-cast line for the ordinary fly angler who may fish a wide variety of fly rods and locations from day to day.

Line Types and sizes Available: Rio Mainstream Series Bass fly lines are available in WF floating and in 6-10 wt lines.

Line Taper: This Mainstream Bass fly line is a WF, weight-forward taper line. This line has a stout, forward weighted head that will shoot out the most wind resistant bass flies and clousers.

PLEASE NOTE the line taper chart insert above.

Line Color: Yellow.

Made in the USA: Mainstream Bass fly lines are made by Rio, here close to home.

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