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RIO Premier Outbound Short


RIO's Premier Outbound Short fly line is built for exceptionally powerful, easy casting, and maximum distance. The Premier Outbound Short uses RIO's SlickCast for maximum durability and maximum shootability. This line flies!

The short aggressive taper of the Outbound allows anglers to cast bulky streamers with ease. The Outbound short is super versatile and great in both fresh and saltwater coldwater coditions. The Premier Outbound Short is available in 6 different densities to cover all fishing situations.

1) A full floating version.

2) A floating line with 15ft of Hover Sink and 15ft of Intermediate sink (F/H/I) for fishing 2-3ft deep.

3) A full intermediate sinking line with a 15ft clear tip for fishing 3-5ft of depth.

4) An Intermediate sinking line with 17ft of medium sinking line then 13ft of fast sinking line at the front (I/S3/S5) for fishing 4-8ft of depth.

5) An intermediate sinking line with 17ft of fast sinking line, then 13ft of Extra fast sinking line at the front ( I/S5/S7) for fishing 6-12ft deep.

6) A full Extra Fast Sinking "Dredger line (S7) for maximum depth.

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