Get Ready for Summer Trout Fishing with new Tippet and Leader from Scientific Anglers and RIO.(details)
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RIO Premier 24 foot Sink Tip


RIO Premier 24 foot Sink Tip add Slickcast, density compensation and front and back welded loops to make this one of the best sink tips around for fishing streamers around the globe.

Unlike other brands the RIO 24ft Sink Tip has and "easy casting body section" behind the sinking portion of the line to help smooth out the lines turnover. This fatter body section eliminates the kick associated with casting heavy lines and flies to a large degree and makes this a super smooth casting sink tip.

The RIO 24ft Sink Tip is available in line sizes 5-11wt with the following specific models: 5/6-150gr 6/7-200gr 7/8-250gr 8/9 300gr 9/10-350gr and 10/11-400gr


RIO Lines with SlickCast are the most durable and slickest coating on the market. They produce the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line. SlickCast helps the line fly through the guides creating higher line speeds and easy distance. Extend drag free drifts with easy feeding of SlickCast lines for super long drifts.

Premium RIO Fly lines like the Elite and Premier Series possess some outstanding features that make them the finest fly lines available. 1) Surefire color marking system that improves casting accuracy by making it easy to gauge exact distances with a quick glance. 2) Front and back welded loops. 3) Easy ID is RIO’s printed line marking system that allows anglers to quickly and easily identify each line. 4) DualTone is a system perfected by RIO that marks the sweet spot of a fly line by providing an obvious color change in the line at the sweet spot for casting.

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