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Rio Level T Welding Tubing


RIO Level T Welding Tubing in stock now,; the hottest way to create elegant professional loops in your sink tips. We have used nail knots and braided loops on our Tungsten T sink tips so long it became second nature. No more.

Now we can make absolutely perfect loops in our Level T Tips using RIO’s new Welding Tubing

Sure, we need to have a heat gun if we want to make loops at home. But the heat guns are not all that expensive and well worth the investment. With RIO T Welding Tubing and a heat gun, the loops we make will be every bit the same professional loops manufactured at the fly line factory, but now we can do it ourselves.

Application? This Welding tubing is perfect for RIOs new InTouch T material. It is NOT applicable to the old Tungsten T material.

Level T Welding Tubing Options:

Regular: A package contains 20 pieces if 6 inch length to make twenty welded loops.

Bulk: A package contains a 50 ft coil .

Tube Internal Diameter: the unshrunk tube has in internal diameter of 0.032 inches.

After heating, the tube shrinks to half its original diameter.

Fit? Level T Welding Tubing is appropriate to make loops on all of the RIO Tungsten T InTouch lines, so it works with T 8; T 11; T 14; and T 17.

Heat gun setting? Rio recommends a setting of 400 degrees F as optimum to shrink the tubing.

How to do it:

Welding a Loop in a sinking tip from RIO Products on Vimeo.

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