New Scientific Anglers Magnitude Clear and Clear Tip Saltwater Lines in stock.(details)
If you are looking for a stealth advantage on the flats check out the new Sci Angler Magnitude series of lines. Available in Smooth and Textured Magnitude Bonefish Plus, Grand Slam, Infinity and Tarpon Tapers all with clear tip or full clear options.

RIO Skagit iMOW Tips


RIO Skagit iMOW Tips with Slickcast have an intermediate section instead of floating which creates a smooth depth transition between a floating body and fast sinking tip We like iMOW tips for slowing down the swing in depth and in cold water situations when fish are less likely to sprint to the fly and you need to keep your fly in the strike zone as long as possible.

IMOW tips work with floating Skagit heads but are also ideal for use with intermediate based Skagit heads like RIO's iflight. I.M.O.W tips are available in Light iMow, Medium iMOW, and Heavy iMOW, there are 4 versions of iMOW tips all 10ft in total length with 4 configurations. 1) 10ft iMOW Intermediate tip. 2) 10ft iMOW with 7.5ft Intermediate and 2.5ft of sink. 3) 10ft iMOW with 5ft Intermediate and 5ft Sink. 4) 2.5ft Intermediate Sink and 7.5ft of Sink.

iMOW tips come in Light iMOW, Medium iMOW and Heavy iMOW. Light features T-8 for a sinking section which sinks about 7 inches per second and is suitable for skagit lines of 475 grains or less. Medium iMOW features T-814for a sinking section which sinks about 8 inches per second and is suitable for skagit lines between 475 and 575 grains. Heavy features T-17 for a sinking section which sinks about 9 inches per second and is suitable for skagit lines of 575 grains or more.


RIO Lines with SlickCast are the most durable and slickest coating on the market. They produce the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line. SlickCast helps the line fly through the guides creating higher line speeds and easy distance. Extend drag free drifts with easy feeding of SlickCast lines for super long drifts.

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