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Sonar Tropical Custom Tip Line


The Scientific Anglers SONAR TROPICAL CUSTOM TIP fly line is is very fast-sink line for fishing in tropical jungle climates - cut the head to suit your rod class and casting preferences when targeting peacock bass, and golden dorado.

This Tropical Custom Tip line is your go-to line for the tropics when you need a deep presentation with your fly. Fresh or salt water species are all fair game with this ruggedly durable fly line.

SA SONAR TROPICAL Custom Tip fly lines have a 35 ft head with Sink 8 ips that you cut if you wish to match rod class.

Sonar Tropical Custom Tip fly line features * New for 2019 line built on SA Tropicore foundation * One line option for all rods * Intermediate running line with fast sink head * 35 ft head can be cut to match rod class and angler preference * Performs in the demands of tropical heat * The fast sinking tip can be cut shorter to match rod weight and caster's preference * Helps when fishing to deep laying species where it is necessary to get fly down fast * Can be Overweighted depending on how you do or do not cut the head * Targeting any species in tropical waters when you need a deeply sunk fly

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