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Rio InTouch Skagit Max Gamechanger Spey Head


The Rio InTouch Skagit Max GameChanger is a TREMENDOUS asset; the multiple-density head allows the angler to more effectively present a fly than is possible with only a floating head plus sink tip.

This is a Skagit style shooting head BUT it incorporates a complex integrated densities to present a fly far more directly than is possible with a sink tip attached to a floating head.

This multi-density Skagit head did not exist when we got started Spey fishing; the integration of multi-density line coating is one of the most significant advancements in spey lines in a decade.

Specific line-density options f

F / 1 ips / 2 ips

F / 1 ips / 2 ips / 3 ips

F / 2 ips / 3 ips/ 5 ips

Head weights offered: 425 to 725 gr

This is an InTouch Skagit head shooting head that must be fished with a tip.

The only density requirement for the tip is this: it must not be LIGHTER than the tip of the Skagit head.

You will need a running line between backing and this GameChanger head.

Features we expect of today's finest fly lines include labeling, loops at both ends.

This is a ConnectCore fly line with minimum stretch, so your bite-detection and hook setting is un-compromised.

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