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Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head

The Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head delivers the goods to shooting head anglers who want the capability of casting large, wind resistant, or weighted flies in gale force winds with modern fast action fly rods.

Professional Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Outbound Short Shooting Head Fly Lines:

If you fish shooting heads, this is a genuine progressive evolution from the RioMax II shooting heads we have learned to depend on season after season. What is an Outbound Short Shooting Head fly line? This is, simply speaking, an Outbound Short Fly line without the integrated running line. More on this follows. At a scant 30 ft, this is the essence of the Outbound short fly line looped at both ends. This allows us to attach the head to Rio Slickshooter or NEW GripShooter shooting line and make longer casts than we could shoot with a regular Outbound fly line: this because the nylon shooting line is thinner and slicker.

Is this Outbound Shooting Head different from our old RIOMAX II shooting head? Yes. The length is the same 30 ft but the densest, heaviest portion of this head is shorter than on the old RioMax shooting head.

What will this Outbound Short Shooting head do for me? Fishing any waters in the 50 - 80 Degree (F) range, this shooting head will turn over larger, heavier, more wind resistant flies than our still dependable RIOMax shooting heads can.

Serious rod loading. Yep. The heaviest part of this shooting head is just under 13 ft long, and that front end load will push REALLY big flies into the wind.

Performance in windy conditions. The Outbound Short gives the wading angler the advantages of this ultra short, aggressive head that will load your rod and punch a fly with superior authority.

Head Length: RIO sticks to the traditional 30 ft shooting head here. Thanks for that.

Shooting Head Loops are imprinted with the line wt and sink rate so you never have to guess, just read it on the label.

Outbound Short Shooting Head Options.

Floating Shooting Head: 30 ft Head - line wts #7-10

Clear Intermediate 30 ft Head - line wts #7-10

Hover 30 ft Head - line wts #7-10

Type III (3 to 4 inch per second sink rate), 30 ft shooting head - line wts #7-10

Type VI (6 to 7 inch per second sink rate), 30 ft shooting head - line wts #7-10

Welded Loops: Both ends of Outbound Short Shooting heads are equipped with factory loops and these babies are tough.

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