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Rio Braided Loops

The Rio Braided Butt Fly Line Loops are a got-to-have accessory for most fly anglers. Use these to add or replace loops at front or rear of any fly line.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Braided Butt Fly Line Loops adding or replacing loops at either end of your fly line.

Available in 3 sizes to fit onto most traditional and Spey fly lines.

Benefit: Rio Braided Loops provide a quick and easy way to attach leader to fly line or the backing to the line.

How to use: We slip on the braided loop, add two nail knots with 10 lb mono to the rear end of the loop, and use Superglue, Aquaseal, or Clear Cure Goo to seal the knots. This is more secure than simply using the little rubber things that Rio includes in the packet.

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