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Amplitude MPX Fly Line


The Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX features Scientific Anglers’ new cutting edge AST Plus Technology.

AST Plus is the most advanced line slickness technology in the world. You will be blown away by how well this line shoots, and how long it retains its slickness for. It never stops having that “out of the box” feel.

AST Plus.

AST Plus Technology is a slickness agent added to Scientific Angler’s new fly lines to vastly improve their performance. AST Plus actually moves with the line coating. It naturally moves to the surface of the line as the line coating begins to wear overtime. This not only increases the life of your fly line, but also means it will remain just as slick from its first use to its last. These lines shoot further: They are 40% slicker than fly lines without any additive. They are durable: 60% more than the competition.

The Amplitude MPX line is an all around performer for freshwater fly-fishing. It is weighted a half size up, and it is largely weighted toward the front of the fly line so you can turn over larger flies in the wind. Dries, nymphs, streamers, this will do it all. These lines are designed to fish with modern fast action rods. Even though it is a half-size heavier and weighted more toward the front, this line was also designed to present flies well too, so even small dry flies can be fished with the Amplitude MPX.

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