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In Touch Long Head Spey Line

The Rio In Touch Long Head Spey is full fly line from our friends at RIO who know that some fly anglers want a long belly line instead of the all-so-popular shooting heads in use these days. The long powerful head, teamed with tapered leaders, intermediate leaders or modest sink tips will reach across most steelhead and salmon waters.

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Rio's answer to the challenge of achieving long, effortless presentations without retrieving yards and yards of shooting-line between casts.

Most Unique feature: This is a full fly line and NOT a shooting head. The In Touch Long Head Spey line is clearly distinguished from other Spey heads by the impressive 64 to 70 ft length of the head.

NOTE: the In Touch Long Head Spey is updated and improved and effectively replaces the Rio Powerspey line.

Application:The In Touch Long Head Spey is a great choice for presenting large flies, weighted and un-weighted, across great reaches of any large river, fishing longer Spey. Unlike the sustained anchor casting style employed with Skagit Casting, the In Touch Long Head Spey is a line for making traditional style Spey casts without the need to retrieve a long running line, thus covering the water more effortlessly and seamlessly

Compatible tips: These In Touch Long Head Spey lines are well suited to a wide variety of tapered leaders, intermediate, and sink tips, although we would not recommend use of long sections of T-17 with these lines. If you are looking at a PowerSpey line, you probably already know a lot about the tips that are most appropriate.

Questions about tips? Give us a call at the shop and we’ll be happy to help sort though the options with you.

Line Taper: This is a long powerful full Spey fly line with a very long head that is heaviest towards the rear of the head, thus making it easier to load the rod, cast large flies, push into wind, and make VERY LONG casts

Sink rate: This In Touch Long Head Spey line is a full floater, tip to butt.

Line class-weights available: the In Touch Long Head Spey lines are available in line classes from 7/8 to 10/11 with head weights that start at 620 gr and go up to 840 gr.

Overall Line Length & Head Length: This is a full line of 110 to 120 ft; The head is approximately from 64 ft to 70 ft long, depending on the line class, making this a line best suited to the large river, long rod Spey fisher.

Line Color: the In Touch Long Head Spey line has a straw color running line, with a clearly distinguishable orange section at the rear of the head, to indicate the transition from running line to the Peach colored head.

Line floating properties: Full floating. Rio incorporates Agent X and Extremely Slick line coatings to keep this line up on the surface where it belongs.

Welded Loops: The front end of the In Touch Long Head Spey fly line is dressed with a welded loop to ease the process of quick rigging to leaders or appropriate sink tips.

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