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Mastery Jungle Titan Fly Line


Scientific Anglers Jungle Titan fly lines are designed to cast the nastiest flies you can tie on your leader in the harshest Jungle rivers and lakes.

SA Mastery Jungle Titan fly line Sales, Video and Guide Reviews.

This SA fly line

is an THE SUPERIOR MASTERY LINE choice for anglers headed to the jungle to fish floating or barely subsurface flies for the meanest critters that swim in them thar tannin stained waters.

Summary of key Mastery Jungle Titan fly line features:

* Designed for hot waters of the tropical jungles.

* A full floater.

* This powerful taper is well suited to casting truly monstrous flies.

* Fish this line from boat or beach equally effectively.

* Head length: 33 ft

* Overall line length: 90 ft.

* Line weights offered: WF8 to WF10

* Mastery Jungle Titan fly lines are clearly labeled with front and rear loops.

* Tropicore will never wilt in the harsh Jungle climate.

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