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RIO Premier Clean Sweep Lake Line


RIO Premier Fathom Cleansweep Sinking Lines have a clear intermediate front attached to a sinking body and slower sinking running line. The "Cleansweep" design keeps your fly in the fish zone longer and helps you catch more fish.

New Premier Fathom Cleansweep lines are built with RIO’s Slickcast coating for added durability and super smooth casting. Slickcast will help you launch for distance and fish longer!

RIO Premier Fathom Cleansweep Lines blend of sink rates results in a deadly fly path through the water, with the line “sweeping” the depths during a retrieve - from the surface, to deep, and back to the surface again – covering a multitude of depths with each cast. Each line has a short, quick-loading head for minimizing the number of false casts, and a Hang Marker that shows anglers when to stop stripping. Available in 5-8wt in sink 2/4/intermediate and 6-8wt in sink 4/6/intermediate. Total line length is 105ft. Total head length is 35ft for easy quick loading and get back out there at distance to fish again.

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