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Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Int/Sink 3/sink 5 Triple Density Sinking Fly Line


Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Int/Sink 3/Sink 5 triple density fly line for temperate and cool water applications that will sink straight and not sag:

This line is one of three triple density sinking fly lines that are superior casting and fishing sinking fly lines.

SA Sonar Titan Int/Sink 3/Sink 5 fly line Sales, Video and Guide Reviews.

This SA fly line offers a straight connection to your fly by means of the triple density line construction. This will result in more solid hook sets and this line has a powerful head to turn over large flies.

Summary of prominent Sonar Titan Int/Sink 3/Sink 5 line features:

-General cold and temperate water fishing applications.

-Dual density running line with Mastery texturing of the entire line.

-Short powerful fast sink head facilitates turnover.

Sink rates at rear of line are 1.25 inches per second, front of running line is 2.5 to 3.5 ips; sink rate of head is 4.5 to 6.0 ips

Head length? 33.5 ft

Head wts? 210 to 500 gr

Line weights for this fly line: WF6 wt to WF12

Overall line length? 105 ft.

Sonar Titan Int/Sink 3/Sink 5 fly lines are clearly labeled with front and rear loops and a Braided Multifilament Core.

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