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In Touch Short Head Spey Line

The Rio In Touch Short Head Spey is full Spey fly line designed for experienced fly anglers who want a mid-range belly line instead of the ever present shooting heads or the long belly spey fly line. The In Touch Short Head Spey is an extremely versatile Spey line for anglers who want to make traditional casts rather than the more abrupt and sustained anchor Skagit style casts with heavy sink tips.

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This Spey line delivers a powerful punch with a shorter head then on the Long Head Spey Line, but is nearly twice the length of most Skagit heads. This design incorporates advantages of being able to execute crisp powerful casts on modest and very large rivers at both moderate and long casting distances.

Connect Core? Yes. This new for 2015/16 fly line is built on the low stretch core and as such qualifies in the In Touch line series. When you may have 80 ft or more of fly line out when a steelhead grabs your swinging fly, it is nice to know the low stretch line core will help with hook setting.

Most Unique feature: This is a full fly line and NOT a shooting head. The In Touch Short Head Spey head is definitively distinguished from the Long Head Spey head because the head is somewhat shorter (40 ft to 50 ft versus 64 ft to 70 ft, depending on line class).

Application:The In Touch Short Head Spey is a great choice for executing traditional style Spey casts without the need to retrieve a long running line, thus covering the water in a smooth, relaxed manner.

Compatible tips: These In Touch Short Head Spey heads are suited to a modest variety of tapered leaders, intermediate, and sink tips, but probably not for the heaviest MOW Tips.

Line Taper: This is a moderate length yet still powerful full Spey line with a head that is designed to rather easily load the rod, cast all sizes of flies, penetrate wind, and fish like the traditionalist Spey anglers taught us.

Sink rate: This line is a full floater, tip to butt.

Line class-weights available: Rio In Touch Short Head Spey lines are available in line classes from 5/6 at 430 gr. to 10/11 at 730 gr.

Overall Line Length & Head Length: 110 ft to 120 ft, depending on line class. The head is approximately 40 ft to 50 ft, clearly shorter then the Long Head Spey line.

Line Color: the In Touch Short Head Spey line has a pale blue head, with a clearly distinguishable orange section at the rear of the head, to mark the transition to a straw colored running line; thus facilitating proper line positioning when preparing for the next cast.

Line floating properties: Full floating.

Welded Loops: The front of the Rio In Touch Short Head Spey fly lines are equipped with welded loops to ease the process of quick rigging of leaders or appropriate sink tips.

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