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Rio Scandi Body Spey Shooting Head Fly Line


RIO Scandi Body Shooting Head Fly Lines are a versatile option that will cast either Skagit or Scandi style.

The Rio Scandi Body Shooting Head line has a relatively short length that will serve the needs of anglers fishing the shorter Two Hand fly rods, fishing dry, damp, and weighted flies, and is remarkably adaptable to a wide variety of river sizes and flow conditions.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Scandi Body Shooting Head Fly Lines:

The new Rio solution for fishing with shorter Spey rods, forming neatly compressed D Loops, making long distance casts with sinking flies of all sizes except the largest Intruders.

Most Unique feature: Relatively short head length, two sink rate options, and ability to cast just about any of the Rio sink tips. The Rio Scandi Short Body line is a Scandinavian style shooting head line that has good tip wt casting capability.

Application:The RIO Scandi Body Shooting Head will allow anglers fishing Spey and Switch rods of 12.5 ft and shorter to achieve long casts with sink tips, forming compact D loops in front of trees, brush, or boulders, and fishing Scandinavian-style with shorter Switch and Spey rods.

Connect Core Technology: Yes!

Compatible tips: These Scandi Body heads are versatile and are designed for use with various Rio tips including regular tapered tips, MOW tips, iMOW tips, and level T material.

Line Taper: This Scandi body head has a relatively compact 23-25 ft body and an elongated taper, making it ideal to cast small or large sinking flies.

Sink rate: This short body is available in two sink rates, an Intermediate 1.5 - 2.0 ips and floating models

Line weights available: the Rio Scandi Short Body heads are available in line wts. from 305 to 540 gr. and are classed as line weights 6 through 11.

Overall/Head Length: Scandi Body Heads are 23-25 ft.

Line Color: The1.5- 2 ips sink rate heads are rich brown color and the floating heads are a blissful straw color.

Welded Loops: The front and back ends of the Scandi Body Shooting Head fly lines are built with welded loops to ease the process of quick rigging to attaching sink tips.

Line Identification? Each head has a label at the loop for easy identification on the river or in the Motel.