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Airflo Custom Cut Sink Tips

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Airflo offers an extremely versatile means of customizing sink-tips for single hand and Spey fly rods. These Custom Cut Tips are easy and effective to use.

Caddis Fly Reviews & Guide to selecting the most appropriate Airflo Custom Cut Tips:

Offered in either 10 ft or 18 ft lengths, these pre-looped sink tips provide versatility and the ability to respond to the needs of the river, the season, and the day.

Reviews on Airflo Custom Cut Tips

Our Caddis Fly Pro Staff routinely reach for these custom cut tips because we can decide the EXACT tip length and density for all of our sub surface fly fishing scenarios.

Airflo Custom Cut Tips provide convenience and efficiency: Custom Cut tips are ready to fish, looped at one end, right in the package. A Welded Loop allows you to attach this tip to your fly line, fish its entire-length, or cut-off part of the tip - and add your leader with a nail-knot loop or Albright.

Sink rates: Correspond to the material used in each tip. Specifically, T-7 tip material weighs about 7 gr per foot, and T-18 weighs about 18 gr per foot. Heavier Tungsten impregnated coatings material sinks faster.

Looped at one end: Airflo Custom Cut Tips are looped at one end, making attachment to fly lines and changing tips really simple.

Airflo Custom Cut Tips for single hand fly rods? Yes - BUT - a long (18 ft) T-14 Airflo Custom Cut Tip would be far too heavy (at 252 gr) to cast with the vast majority of single hand fly rods.

Matching Airflo Custom Cut Tips to Spey Head weight. If your spey or switch lines are in the sub-450 gr range, you will like the T-7 or T-10 Mow tips. if your heads are in the mid 400 gr to about 500 gr, the T-11 are probably better. And if you are in the 500 gr and heavier range, the T-14 and T-18 Custom Cut tips will probably feel fine.

Airflo Custom Cut Tips versus rod weight: The denser, heavier, and longer Custom cut Tips will overload lighter rods, be they single hand or two handers. Do the math and decide what an appropriate tip weight would be for your specific fly rod. The higher line-class fly rods will accommodate more total tip weight than lower line-class fly rods.

Choosing Airflo Custom Cut Tips: Relatively light, small flies will cast better and the cast will feel better with T-7 or T-10 Tips these represent the light end of the range of Airflo Custom Cut Tips. Larger, heavier, more wind resistant flies will cast better with the T-14 & T-18 Custom Cut Tips. Our opinion, but you decide if you agree.

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