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5 ft Airflo Salmon Steelhead PolyLeader Set in Leader Wallet

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Airflo 5 ft Salmon Saltwater PolyLeader Set - SAME DAY Shipping, NO Sales tax

The complete set of Airflo 5 ft Salmon & Saltwater Polyleaders is an objectively logical value option for anglers who are likely to fish a wide variety of conditions in rivers, lakes, estuaries and coldwater ocean environments.

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– Airflo's particularly economical means of preparing for a wide variety of temperate and coldwater fishing conditions for Salmon, Striped Bass, Steelhead, and many similar-sized fish species.

PLEASE NOTE: The photo shown here is REPRESENTATIVE only, the product offered here is the 5 ft set, NOT the 10 ft set shown in the photo.

NOT intended for TROPICAL River or Saltwater Fishing: The Salmon Saltwater Polyleader Set has a core and leader coating most suitable for cold and temperate waters.

Full range of 7 Polyleaders are included in each 5 ft Polyleader Set: Clear Floating; Clear Hover - 0.5 ips; Clear Intermediate - 1.5 ips; Slow Sinking - 2.6 ips; Fast Sinking - 3.9 ips; Super Fast Sinking - 4.9 ips; Extra Super Fast - 6.1 ips.

Polyleader Length: This product is the 5 ft Salmon Saltwater Polyleader Set. A 10 ft Salmon Saltwater Polyleader Set is listed as a different product.

Identification of Polyleaders: Slow sink is green, Fast sink is brown; Super fast sink is dark grey; extra super fast sink is black. Floating, Hover, and Intermediate Polyleaders are clear.

Simple connection to fly lines: These Polyleaders are looped on the back end for easy change.

Connecting tippets to Polyleaders: We use either a perfection loop on our tippet or clip off the mono-loop on the Polyleader and tie in our tippet with a blood or double surgeons loop.

How to choose leader length: The 5 ft Polyleader, with your tippet of choice, is perfect for fishing smaller rivers, boulder patches in large rivers - plus and locations in estuaries, lakes, beaches, and near-shore ocean water - where fish are not leader-shy or where fly presentation at relatively shallow depths is desirable..

Tippet Options: You will add level mono or fluorocarbon tippet to these Polyleaders.

Core strength and tippet compatibility: 24 Lb mono core. We tend to fish tippets in the range of 8 Lb through 15 Lb, making sure not to overpower the Polyleader core.

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