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RIO SlickShooter

The Slickshooter shooting/running line is an outstanding vehicle to send our shooting heads towards the horizon. We fish Slickshooter with confidence week in and week out - and recommend it to our clients because we have learned to trust its performance

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Slickshooter shooting/running line - Rio's answer to fly fishers who cast traditional shooting head fly lines.

Not much more need be said about Rio Slickshooter line. Three sizes suit all of our shooting head needs and the stuff just works.

Most Unique feature: RIO Slickshooter shooting-running line is a great monofilament running/shooting line with low memory for use with traditional shooting head fly lines.

line configuration: Oval nylon monofilament, low line memory, great smoothness for shooting line.

Strength: Available in 25 lb, 35 Lb, 44 Lb, and 50 Lb. test.

Length: These spools are all 115 ft long.

Historical Note: Are you one of those old-timers who grew up with Amnesia as a shooting line when fishing shooting head fly lines? Rio SlickShooter is similar but better. Slickshooter is a modern monofilament-like line that is slightly out of round, can be stretched to induce a memory free state of limpness, and makes a great shooting line that will allow maximum sinkability for your intermediate moderate, or fast sinking shooting head fly lines. We recommend Rio Slickshooter to customers who are seeking a substitute for Amnesia, who prefer to use a monofilament shooting line, and who seek a shooting line that offers the least resistance to a sinking head.

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