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Stonfo Adhesive Reel Line Clip


The Stonfo Adhesive Reel Line Clip is a line locking device designed to make it easy to find the tip of your leader or tippet in between uses of the reel.

We have all encountered the frustration of trying to find the end of your leader or tippet after you reel your line up after using your reel. Finding that thin diameter line in the midst of your fly line can be a real pain, but the Stonfo Adhesive Reel Line Clip takes that stress away.

The line clip is applied to the outside of the reel quickly and easily and the connection is secure. This accessory is small and unnoticeable when fishing. Inside the clip there is a micro silicon ring, which assures an optimal locking of your tippet without damaging or kinking the line. Now you are ready for your next fishing trip!

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