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Redington Rise III Fly Fishing Reel


The new for 2016 Redington Rise III Reel is a fully machined reel that has a carbon fiber drag system.

Redington has stepped up their game in the reel department over the last few years with their ‘Behemoth’ and ‘Zero.’ They have brought the same level of attention and detail to the new Rise III Reel.

After working with tons of customers over the years that are looking to purchase new fly reels, I’ve found that three main questions are asked: What is the reel made of? What is the drag system like? What does it cost?


The Redington Rise III Reel is a CNC machined, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum fly reel. Translating that to English, it is made out of some of the highest quality aluminum on the market. You can trust the materials that this reel is constructed with. It is a highly durable fly reel and will last over many years and many fish because of this.

Drag System.

The Redington Rise III Reel is built with a high quality drag system. It is a compact carbon fiber drag system that is both smooth and powerful while remaining light. You’ll be amazed at how smooth Redington’s carbon fiber drag system is, and you’ll be very satisfied with its stopping power when you hook a big fish. It is easy to adjust the drag, simply use the large drag knob that makes it easy for both small changes or big adjustments depending on the situation you’re in.

Price Range.

The Redington Rise III Reel is a steal. This reel ranges in price from $189-$219, and other reels on the market that are of a similar class can be twice as expensive. Redington has always sought to make very high quality fly-fishing equipment affordable and accessible to all, and this reel is no exception. You will be blown away by the quality you get for this price.

More info on design and components.

The Redington Rise III Reel features a U shaped large arbor which allows for quick line retrieve. Twin molded ergonomic handles on the reel make your grip easy and comfortable as well. This reel easily converts from left to right hand retrieve, and it comes with a nylon storage case and lifetime warranty.

Available in three awesome colors: Silver, Amber, and Black.

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