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Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are some of the best polarized fishing glasses in the world.

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses SHIP FREE anywhere in the USA from the Caddis Fly Shop. We offer a wide selection of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, so we’re sure you can find exactly the style and frame you’re looking for.

The Costa Difference.

Since 1983, Costa Del Mar has been designing hardcore optics for hardcore anglers. They are built to withstand the harshest of elements and be dependable in any situation you are in. As a company, they have a passion for water that runs deep, and the culture of their brand has not only created an intriguing story, it has also lead them to create the finest polarized sunglasses on the planet.


When you first try on Costa Sunglasses, you will notice a few things. Initially, you will see the immense clarity you get from their patented lens technology. Shortly after, your attention will turn to the enhanced color, sharper contrast, and higher definition visibility you achieve. And most importantly you will see a whole new world when you look into the water—you truly see more with Costa’s on. You see more fish, which in turn makes you more effective on the water. But how is all of this done? Costa 580 Lenses absorb harmful high-energy blue light, which cuts blur and haze and gives you the insane clarity you will see. These are 100% polarized lenses that offer 100% protection from UV light, which has been known to cause macular degeneration and cataracts. How do they enhance clarity and sharpen contrast? 580 lenses block harsh yellow light, which boosts your greens, reds, and blues thus naturally enhancing coloration and contrast. Lastly, 580 lenses include 6 layers of polarization technology; however, their lenses are 20% thinner and 22% lighter than average polarized glass. Polycarbonate lenses are also available, boasting impact resistance, while the glass lenses give you the best clarity overall.

Lens Color.

In the end, where you will truly see the Costa difference is through the correct selection of lens color. Light conditions are constantly changing, and not only that; every aquatic environment brings with it a different light environment. Within the descriptions of every pair of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses we carry, you will see a discussion of the lens options we carry for that particular model. Whether it's a blue mirror lens for offshore fishing or a copper silver mirror for stream fishing, we can get you exactly what you need. We also carry a few bifocal options for those who need aid with their close-up sight.


From metal frames to composite frames we’ve got what you need. Whichever frame you choose, you can rest assured knowing it is incredibly durable. For now, a large percentage of our stock includes the co-injected nylon frame, which is our favorite. We feel that this frame is the most durable and functional for most of the fishing we have done. It uses a TR-90 nylon as the primary material, which is incredibly temperature resistant and as durable as they come. Metal frames are corrosion resistant as well. Costa Sunglasses have hydrolite rubber situated on the temples and nose-bridge of their glasses. This ensures that they comfortably remain in place on your face even in the roughest seas. Nylon frames also feature Costa’s vent technology, which keeps your lenses fog free all day long.

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