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Rio Suppleflex Trout Tapered Leaders

The Rio Suppleflex Trout Tapered Leaders are a new product offering in 2013. This leader material is extremely limber (supple is the term rio applies) and exhibits good knot strength. Anglers fishing small dry flies, wet flies, or soft hackles in glassy waters or lakes may find this a most favorable leader because it will not create as much wind or current drag as stiffer tapered leaders do.

Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Suppleflex Trout Tapered Leaders– Rios solution to trout anglers fishing glassy flows with small dry, wet, or soft hackled flies.

Unique features: This is the delicate-presentation, smooth-water, spooky-fish fly fishing specialist's tapered leader. Firm rear taper and very fine, supple tippet is the dream team for small dries, wets and glassy flows.

Material: Copolymer monofilament is a technically superior material.

Tippet characteristics: Very supple and strong for each tippet diameter.

Lengths available: Rio Suppleflex Tapered Trout leaders are available in 9 ft and 13.5 ft lengths.

Knot Strength: Excellent, this is tough material; offered in tippet strengths most suited to spooky trout.

Tippet Diameters: Available in in 7x to 3X depending on length.

Perfection Loop: Naturally, Rio has us covered here for fast connection to fly line.

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