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Hareline Lady Amherst Center Tail

Hareline Lady Amherst Center tail - indispensable for tying your Intruder flies. Free shipping on most orders.

Hareline Lady Amherst Center tail feathers are wonderful working materials for Salmon and Steelhead flies. This product is one feather per pack and they are very long feathers indeed. Many of today's articulated and trailing hook salmon and steelhead patterns call for a few fibers of Lady Amherst Center Tail Feathers. These beautiful Lady Amherst Pheasant feathers add a tremendous amount of color with just a few fibers.

Some folks think that an Intruder wouldn't really be an intruder unless it incorporated Hareline Lady Amherst Center tail fibers, but hey, who are we to judge? We do know that they look and fish great in our steelhead and king salmon intruder flies. Yes they do.

A small pinch of these Lady Hareline Lady Amherst Center tail tippet fibers make beautiful tails. We strip fiber from the largest feathers and spin Lady Amherst Pheasant in a dubbing loop to wind on hook shafts and tubes for our Intruder style flies. Colors? We a great selection of colors.

The crown Jewell of our traditional Atlantic Salmon flies as well as the all-popular Intruder style flies. Keep in mind this is just one feather so marrying two perfect sets of Amherst fibers will not happen easily or perfectly with one center tail feather. That said we do have many Salmon fly tiers who make this work. We take care to tie Hareline Lady Amherst Center tail feather fibers directly in traditional Salmon fly wings. We spin these in a dubbing loop for our Intruders and jolt them into biting patterns. We got the all the colors you want in your flies.

These feathers represent the most sought after, longest, and most select center tail feathers from the Lady Amherst Pheasant. Dyed in colors like hot orange, Kingfisher Blue, Hot Pink, Chartreuse, Highlander Green, sunburst Yellow, red, and Purple, these are highly sought after by crafts persons who tie flies for salmon and steelhead, and are often considered the crown jewel of crafts-person's and artisanŐs head dresses and feathered masks and costumes.