New Scientific Anglers Magnitude Clear and Clear Tip Saltwater Lines in stock.(details)
If you are looking for a stealth advantage on the flats check out the new Sci Angler Magnitude series of lines. Available in Smooth and Textured Magnitude Bonefish Plus, Grand Slam, Infinity and Tarpon Tapers all with clear tip or full clear options.

Black Painted Lead Eyes


Black Painted Lead eyes join the family of other Hareline dumbbell eyes available in assorted colors.

10 per pack. When secured to the front of the hook shank using figure-8 thread wraps, these eyes do one thing and one thing only: get you to the depth you need to be at. Available in many different sizes, these eyes can accommodate any water depth you wish to be at, whether it's the depths of the ocean or a shallow riffle on a freestone river. The black color adds a natural feel to more neutral colored streamers or steelhead intruders, and allows you to ÒdisguiseÓ your weighted eyes better than some of the more vibrant colors of dumbbell eyes currently available.

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