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Books - our Best Sellers on Fly Fishing & Tying Tactics, Technique, and Humor

Yes folks, we have a great selection of books and visually stimulating products related to Fly Fishing & Tying, Tackle, Technique, and fly fishing humor, specifically, our selection of plus DVDs, and fly fishing calendars right here at the Caddis fly Shop.

The list is extensive, but our excellent connections allow us to offer virtually every book, DVD, and calendar, plus don't forget maps and river guides, that is related in even the most remote manner to fly fishing, fly tying, fly casting, river running, and the psychology of fly fishing, which can at times be very weird, yes it can.

Why spend time reading or watching when we could be actually fishing or tying flies? Simple. Sometimes it is dark, or too cold, or the weather is lousy or the river too high or too low. Sometimes we are resting up after knee replacement surgery and long for a good book, DVD, or calendar featuring fly fishing, fly tying, fly tackle, or whatever. We need it. We want it. We gotta have it. And fly fishing books, DVDs, and fly fishing calendars make great gifts and gift ideas for men and women too.