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Beginning Fly Fishing Guide by Steve Hudson

Flyfishing 101 by Steve Hudson available at the Caddis Fly Shop! The book for beginning fly fishers and experts alike!

Flyfishing 101 by Steve Hudson makes learning fly fishing easy!

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Always wanted to get into fly fishing, but were too intimidated to start? Flyfishing 101 by Steve Hudson makes fly fishing easy and understandable for beginners and explains things in a way anyone can understand! Good for beginners and a refresher for intermediate or expert anglers. Get Flyfishing 101 by Steve Hudson and start fishing today! Sections include: - Understanding Flyfishing: what it is and why it works the way it does. - Tips on selection the outfit that’s right for you - Castinga fly rod – and an entertaining way to teach yourself basic fly casting - Filling your fly box – how to pick great flies for your first fly fishing trips - Tying knots – easy-to-follow instructions to help you learn the knots you need - Practical fly fishing tips – for when you get out on the water 72 pages.

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