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Another Way the River Has: TauT True Tales From the Northwest

Here are Cody's finest nonfiction writings, many appearing for the first time in print. Cody's prose rings with a sense of place. His characters from loggers to fishers to cowboys to the kids on his school bus are smart & curious, often off-beat, always vivid. Cody brings the ear of a novelist & the eye of a reporter to the people & places that make the Northwest, & Northwest literature, distinctive. 6x9 inches, 208 pgs.

He is a native speaker who probes the streams & woods & salmon that run to the heart of what it means to live & love, to work & play, in Oregon.

His characters from loggers to fishers to cowboys to the kids on his school bus„are smart & curious, often off-beat, always vivid.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robin Cody, an Oregon native, is the author of Ricochet River & Voyage of a Summer Sun, both of which appear on the Oregon State Library's 2009 150 Oregon Books for the Oregon Sesquicentennial. Voyage of a Summer Sun received a PNBA Book Award & an Oregon Book Award. Cody has worked as an English teacher, a dean of admissions, a baseball umpire, & a school bus driver. He lives in Portland.

WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING A rock, you know, will sink like a stone in water. But a flat rock, slung spinningly near the water surface & at an angel parallel to it, will go skipping across the water in defiance of gravity & common sense. How cool is that?! The first time a boy pulls this off ranks just short of first-time sex on the scale of things he will want to do over & over whenever he can & as long as he lives. :from "The Clackamas River"

Robin Cody populates his wonderful essays with compelling Northwest characters so vigorous & colorful they might have stepped from the pages of a Kesey novel. Here are gyppo loggers, roughstock rodeo riders, tramp miners, & hogline fishermen. Powerful rivers surge through these pages, too, honoring the people who fathom their depths from David Sohappy to Sam McKinney. Cody also champions those who need a voice special education children, deaf basketball players, delinquent juveniles, (even baseball umpires). The author's astute observations, keen eye for detail, & wry sense of humor make every essay memorable. This collection illustrates that the most unforgettable character proves to be Cody himself empathetic, clear-eyed, humorous. This remarkable Northwest book is a rare gift„worth owning & sharing. Craig Lesley, author of Burning Fence & Winterkill

Robin Cody listens for grace & guts & laughter & courage, & he mills & planes what he hears into stories that will echo & shiver in you for a really long time. He is one of the great storycatchers & storytellers who ever hatched in the Great North Wet. Brian Doyle, author of The Grail: A year ambling & shambling through an Oregon vineyard in pursuit of the best pinor noir wine in the whole wild world