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Fly Fishing Evolution


Fly Fishing Evolution: Advanced Strategies for Dry Fly, Nymph, and Streamer Fishing by George Daniel addresses cutting edge strategies for modern fly fishing methods.

George Daniel is a former manager of TCO Fly Shop and author of the popular book Dynamic Nymphing.George has lived through and contributed to the modern Evolution of fly fishing tactics and shares with the reader many of the tools, tackle and materials that are helping anglers be more successful than ever.

He covers everything from basic equipment and favorite fly patterns to proven rigs, casting approach, and common troubleshooting scenarios, and he includes his best tips to help your fly-fishing game evolve to the next level. Includes: Complete breakdown of the mono system (arguably the best way to control your drift when Euro nymphing), jigging streamers for tougher trout and the authorÍs top patterns for dry fly, nymph, and streamer fishing. 301 color photos/illus., 9x11 inches, 256 pgs. As of Nov 2023 has signed 1st edition copies available.

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