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The Tug is the Drug by Chris Santella


The Tug is the Drug by Chris Santella takes you on angling journeys across the globe through 30 different stories.

No matter where you are fishing, whether it is the creek behind your house or the tropical flat across the world, one thing joins us all: The Love of the Tug. It is addicting; it made us all fall in love with fly fishing at some point in our lives and it is the high that we chase time and time again for the rest of our lives. The Tug is the Drug is a marvelous book because Santella does a fine job of entertaining readers with all the details and aspects that are involved in a good fishing story. Not surprisingly, most of those details don't often even involve the fish itself. Full of purpose, emotion, and life, this book will make you look at fishing in a different way.

6x9 inches. 192 pages.