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Landon Mayer's Guide Flies


What could be better than easy to tie patterns for tough trout? Landon Mayer's newest book "Landon Mayer's Guide Flies is a fantastic book about how to tie proven and effective patterns for tough to catch trout.

When you spend as much time on the water as guide Landon Mayer, you need simple, easy-to-tie patterns that get the job done, day in and day out. In this fly-tying book, Mayer shares 20 of his top patterns for trophy trout that have been perfected on rivers and still waters in the Rockies and across the globe. These flies include twelve of MayerŐs own designs as well as eight of his favorite flies by, Arlo Townsend, Angus Drummond, Phil Tereyla, Walt Mueller, Jr., Michael Burgess, Dave Hoover, Kevan Davidson, and Ken Walwrath. Instructions for each fly are covered in over 200 detailed step-by-step photos, each chapter includes fishing and rigging tips, and the book includes seven rigging illustrations by Dave Hall. Patterns in this book include the Tails Up Trico, MayerŐs Mini Leech, Titan Tube Midge, Mini Leech Jig Damsel, and many more.

More than 270 Color Photos 8.5 x 11inches 224 pages.

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