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Fancy decorative feathers and plumes

Fancy decorative feathers and plumes from rooster, pheasant, ostrich, guinea fowl, and duck. The Caddis fly offers a dazzling variety of decorative fancy feathers and plumes from real birds. If you are making feather jewelry, womenÕs or menÕs hair braids and accessories, feather hairbands or headbands, weaving feathers into hair braids, decorative feather necklaces, princess headbands, feather charms, feather pendants, feather and hair braid weaves, feather earrings, feather bracelets, costumes, and/or feather masquerade masks Š you will want to check out the bulk and packaged fancy decorative feathers furs and beads that the Caddis Fly Shop offers. These include decorative roster feathers, decorative fancy pheasant tail feathers, extra select lady amherst tail feathers, complete golden pheasant hides, ostrich plumes, fancy decorative peacock tail feathers, peacock body feathers, golden pheasant crest and tippet decorative feathers, and fancy decorative guinea feathers are available in natural subtle colors, bright sheens, and a wide range of exciting dyed colors that are the most essential working stock for craftsman and craftswomen, artists, hobbyists, and people who specialize in the design and manufacture of such craft, arts and crafts, jewelry, and costume jewelry.

Attending the Oregon Country Fair or the Renaissance Fair? Are you an artist who shows at the Portland Saturday Market, the Eugene Saturday market, or the Ashland Shakespearean Festival? Maybe you are an artisan who is based in San Francisco. The Caddis Fly is where you can purchase the feathers and furs you will need to craft your own feathered costume jewelry and accessories. On the other hand, you may be incorporating fancy feathers youÕre your work designing and crafting earrings, hair braid kits, necklaces, masks, and such, building your inventory to stock your booth at the Saturday Market in Eugene, Portland, SeattleÕs Pike Street, San Francisco, or Ashland. No matter where, no matter whether you are crafting one set of earrings or a thousand, we here The Caddis fly have the basic decorative feathers and furs that you will need. And we have the highest quality and greatest value for these products. Need materials in bulk quantities or small packages? We can serve your needs well.

Offering authentic, decorative feathers and plumage from a variety of domestic and exotic birds is a service that we are re-discovering and re-inventing here at the Caddis fly. We have been offering decorative fancy rooster, peasant, ostrich, and duck feathers has ben first on our mind for four decades. Lately, though, we noticed a steady stream of customers roaming about our walls of feathers, oooohing and aaaahing, stuffing their handcarts with piles of fancy decorative rooster, peasant, ostrich, guinea, and duck feathers with big smiles on their faces.

We are passionate about securing sources of the highest quality fancy decorative feathers and specialty plumes for our customers. Fly tyers are very selective in the feathers they choose, and we have decades of experience providing them with rare and beautiful fancy decorative feathers Š we had just not thought of these rare, natural, dyed, dazzling feathery products except in the fishing fly arena.

Ultra long natural and dyed grizzly saddle feathers help one person create an exceptional Intruder fly for salmon, but the same feathers help a different person create a dazzling set of fancy decorative earrings, a necklace, jewelry, a feathered headband, distinctive and unique hair accessories, hair weave, hair braid, feathered mask, or costume.

The Caddis Fly inventories a dazzling variety of the very finest fancy decorative feathers including rooster saddles, rooster schlappen, pheasant tail feathers, golden pheasant tail and body feathers, lady amherst pheasant tail and body feathers, peacock eyed sticks (peacock tail feathers), peacock body plumage feathers, peacock herl, strung saddle feathers, strung rooster schlappen, saddle patches, fancy decorative marabou, bulk marabou, fancy decorative turkey tail feathers, fancy turkey wing feathers, rooster neck capes and strung rooster decorative feathers, guinea feathers. Peacock eyed feathers and Peacock Sword feathers are wonderful shiny feathers that we stock in natural colors, but we also have peacock feathers dyed red, orange, black, and yellow. These dyed peacock eyed sticks retain all of their natural sheen and are rare and beautiful whether applied to a fishing fly or used as part of floral designs, feathered masks, or earrings or necklaces. Strung Peacock herl, too, is an extremely versatile and useful plumage, and we have a great supply of the nicest peacock herl available.

Pheasant bird feathers are an amazement to behold. From the elegant simplicity of the Ringneck Pheasant tail and body feathers to the exotic Lady Amherst pheasant, to the Golden Pheasant, and the Silver Pheasant, we offer the full range of subtle natural feathers to the eye-popping decorative natural and dyed exotic feathers to form the core of our design or to add the perfect finishing accent to your creation.

We offer strung and loose feathers, rooster and turkey feathers, guinea plumage, Turkey wing and tail feathers, goose wing feathers, and marabou feathers in literally hundreds of color combinations. We offer small feathers in packets or bulk, or strung decorative feathers, depending on our customerÕs preferences. Need extra long rooster saddle hackles in natural and dyed colors that are so long you will almost cry tears of joy? got Ōem. Fancy decorative grizzly and natural rooster neck feathers or schlappen feathers in natural and dyed colors? Yep. packaged and bulk decorative fancy marabou feathers; fancy tail feathers and wing feathers from turkey in natural and dyed colors? Rooster neck hackles strung or on the hide? Absolutely. All of our feathers and exotic plumage feathers are clean, nicely packaged, and provide a wide range of applications to making feathered hair bands, feather headbands, hair weaves, hair braid weaves, feather chokers and necklaces, feather pendants, feather earrings, feather masks, feather fans, feather table centerpieces, and exotic costumes, hobbies, crafts, and artistic jewelry.

From fancy decorative ostrich feather plumes, Lady Amherst Center tail quill feathers, Jungle Cock nail feathers and complete Jungle Cock capes, fancy decorative strung natural and dyed strung Guinea feathers and fancy decorative rooster saddles and schlappen, we stock select fancy decorative feathers that are at once beautiful and unique; the superior quality plumage that artisans are seeking.

Our selection of saddle and neck hackles from hen and rooster chickens is HUGE, covering the complete range of natural and dyed colors in capes, loose feathers, and strung feathers. As with all of our fine plumage, whether for fly tying or other creative adventures, we believe that our inventory is virtually unsurpassed.

We also carry a breathtaking variety of natural and synthetic fur, hides, and tails from arctic fox, red fox, silver fox, rabbits, deer, raccoon, elk, moose, and the like. Many of our customers find that the addition of strips of fur or hair tassels provide the artistic ornamentation or contrasting color or texture to perfectly accent their feathered creation.

We believe that we offer a comprehensive of the highest quality natural and dyed decorative fancy feathers, plumes and fur in packages, capes, strips and hides Š including Ostrich heathers and plumes, strung and packaged marabou feathers, Rooster neck capes, fancy decorative rooster strung neck hackles, rooster saddle patches sporting ultra long decorative fancy feathers, strung rooster saddle feathers, Rooster Schlappen feathers, Peacock strung herl, peacock eyed tail feathers, peacock sword feathers, Ringneck pheasant tail feathers, complete Ringneck pheasant cock and hen tail feathers and hides, rabbit hides in natural and dyed colors, golden pheasant hides and tail feathers, Lady Amherst tail feathers, Golden pheasant tippet feathers, guinea feathers in natural and dyed colors in packaged and bulk strung quantities, we have hundreds of combinations of natural and dyed colors in decorative feathers from domestic and exotic birds, and fur hides and fur strips, and decorative feathers by the pound, and feathers on the skins and feathers strung on threads, and -- my gosh, we have a dazzling selection.

We invite you to browse and call or email if you have questions about our feathers and furs for making womenÕs hair accessories, feather earrings, decorative feather masks, feather headbands, feather hairbands, feather masks, fur hair accessories to costumes and other supplies like beads and synthetic furs as well as natural fox and raccoon tails for costumes. We take pride in the quality and variety of fancy decorative and artistic feathers, fur, and fur tails that we offer here at the Caddis Fly.