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Hareline Saltwater Neck Hackle

Great for tarpon and bass flies. Listen up _ these feathers are not just for saltwater flies. These are strung rooster neck hackles taken form the base of the neck and are, therefore, the longest and widest neck feathers available. These do have a fair amount of web but are not like schlappen feathers, which are essentially all-web, all-the-time. Saltwater neck hackles are well known for use tying bass bugs and tarpon flies, either as splayed wings, tails, or as bushy collars. But here is an often-overlooked option that we have learned here at the Caddis Fly _ we love these feathers for hackle collars and palmered Spey flies for our steelhead flies. Thats right. By sorting these feathers, we find gorgeous wide hackled specimens with a modest amount of web near the stem. These look great tied as a loooong collar on a steelhead fly, or palmered sparsely on some of our Spey flies.

Hareline Saltwater Neck Hackle. Rooster neck jewelry feathers. Dyed rooster decorative feathers.

These feathers, in addition to being extremely useful for a variety of saltwater and freshwater fly patterns, are fantastic for artists and craft persons designing and creating feathered jewelry, feathered fans, feather boas, feather masks, feather head dresses, feather chokers, and feather highlights in braids. The feathers are wider than the rooster saddle feathers and not as long as the longest rooster saddle feathers. These strung rooster neck hackles are available in a dazzling range of colors and are all select strung on thread to make them easier to use. These rooster decorative feathers tend to range from about 3 to about 5 in length, and most are useful for fly tying and artistic endeavors.

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