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Hareline Cyclops Bead Eyes

Hareline Cyclops Beads. 24 per pack. Fly tying beads. Beads are amazing. How did we ever live without beads thirty years ago. Can not imagine a fly fishing world without fly tying beads. Crazy without fly tying beads. Nonsensical without fly tying beads. Copper fly tying beads. Gold beads. Nickel beads. Guess what? Nickel performs the same as silver. Brass beads. Black beads.

Hareline Cyclops beads are part of our daily lives. We eat fly tying beads. We breathe fly tying beads. We pay for gas with fly tying beads. We put gold beads in our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not really. Point is, these Hareline Cyclops fly tying beads are a staple in our fly tying. Land this is so because bead-head flies catch fish! Last week we laid a gold Cyclops bead in the parking lot in front of the Shop and a giant steelhead came flying out of the sky to gobble the tiny thing up. Really happened.

We tie soft hackles with beads, whether size #20 or #4. We tie bead head wooly Buggers. We tie Leeches with Beads. We tie streamers with bead heads. We tie Zonker flies with bead heads.

Why Hareline Cyclops beads you might ask. Cuz Hareline Dubbin provides the highest quality fly tying beads. The Gold is shiny. The Black beads are really black. There are beads from 5/64 to 3/16.

Why use beads, you might now ask. Why not just use lead under a fly to sink it, you might ask. Here are two reasons. First, lead is nasty. Beads are tasty. Just kidding again, about the tasty fly tying bead part. Seriously, fly tying beads are easier to put on a hook and, get this, the beads actually attract voracious giant fish from distances of up to three miles to eat your size #18 bead-head pheasant tail nymph. OK, maybe yet another slight exaggeration _ however, we do find that many of our flies are more fishy, catchy with beads than without. Is it the extra sinkness provided by the bead or the shininess of the bead, or the little jiggy motion imparted by the bead being at the front of the hook, you might ask.

We think it is sometimes all thee of these factors, but beads incorporated into flies are a bonus that we are not willing to pass up. We even tie double and triple bead flies for extra weight, for extra flash, or both.

If you already tie flies with HARELINE CYCLOPS BEADS we have droned on far too long. Just order the dang beads and get to work. If you have not tied soft hackles nymphs, streamers, buggers or halibut flies with these beads they are worth your attention.

NOTICE. Hareline makes many more kinds of beads, barbell eyes, and coneheads, also. Please browse this section of our fly tying materials catalog to drool over the variety of Hareline counter sunk tungsten beads in colors to dazzle even the stoics, the Hareline dazzle beads, Hareline Faceted Tungsten beads, Hareline faceted slotted tungsten beads, Hareline slotted tungsten beads, Hareline tyers glass beads, Hareline pupil eyed tungsten beads, Hareline tungsten beads, Hareline slotted tungsten coneheads the bead nabber, quad bead dispenser, the Hareline Push squeeze cap material tins, brass coneheads, Hareline Pseudo eyes, hareline painted lead eyes, Hareline flat end tungsten hour glass eyes, Hareline brass eyes, Hareline sunken barbell brass eyes, and Hareline aluminum sea eyes.

Fly tying bead size chart: Bead to hook size chart or guide. 1/16 fly tying bead = Size 20, 5/64 fly tying bead = Size 18, 3/32 fly tying bead = Size 16, 7/64 fly tying bead Size 14, 1/8 fly tying bead = Size 12, 5/32 fly tying bead = Size 10 & 8, 7/32 fly tying bead = Size 6 & 4, 1/4 fly tying bead = #2

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