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Hareline Extra Select Strung Marabou


X-Select Marabou Feathers - SAME DAY Shipping, NO Sales tax

New colors Just Added in 2012 include Fl. Blue, Fl. Yellow, Orange, Shrimp Pink, Burnt Orange and Bright Purple. These are hot colors folks, fish eat em up.

These Giant size Marabou feathers are my favorite for hackling really large salmon and steelhead flies. These are perfect for what one could call Spey-style flies. I may only use the top 1/3 of the quill for hackling a fly, as the lower portion of the quill can get a little on the thick side to wind effectively. These well-hackled quill sections get put aside for use with my Petitjean Magic Tool for future creative uses. Very long and full. This is definitely a premium product.

The highest quality, largest marabou plumes we have ever seen. Sixteen colors. We like to clip out the upper portion of the quill where the stem is thin, wind this section directly onto hooks, and then save the lower portion of the quills with thick stem for use with the Petitjean Magnum magic Tool. Wound directly onto hook shanks, we use these on #2 or larger flies or on Intruder style flies tied either on hook shanks, Waddington Shanks, or tubes.

X-Select Marabou comes in a Huge Variety of ultra fishy colors.

Extra Select Strung Marabou. Extra large select marabou feathers for decorative art and jewelry. Marabou for art and crafts.

Aside from the use of this Extra ultra select marabou for fly tying, which is world renowned, these large fluffy decorative feathers, available in well over a dozen colors, are a wonderful material for use by artists jewelry makers, craft hobbyists, and decorators. Single marabou feathers or a bundle of different colored marabou feathers make a fine centerpiece for decorative feather fans, necklaces, earrings, hair braids, and feather masks and costumes. Virtually every feather is high quality and there is very little waste in these feather packages.

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