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TMC 5263

TMC 5263: Nymph Dry & Streamer Fly Tying Hooks

Nymphs & Streamers, Perfect Bend, Down Eye, 2X Heavy, 3X Long, Forged, Bronze. 25 per pack

TMC 5263 Perfect bend Down eye 2x heavy wire 3x long Forged wire Bronze finish This hook is another sleeper in the winter steelhead or salmon fly category. Considered a trout fly hook, experience has shown that steelhead and salmon flies tied on these hooks are effective, although, they have some disadvantages. Shortcomings when applied to anadromous fish include the fact that they will not sink as well without adding weight, they will bend out more easily than a heavier wire hook. However, for the trout fly tyer who wants to use hooks already at hand, go ahead and use these; tippets of 10-12 lb. will resolve any concerns about hooks straightening out in fish, and weight can easily be added to enhance quick descent to where the lunkers live.

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