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Hareline Lead Eyes 10 pack

Hareline Lead fly tying eyes. Lead fly tying dumbbells. Fly tying barbells. Fly tying eyes. Call these what you are familiar with, but they are the same product. Whether plain lead or chrome plated lead is your choice in this product they are dependable fly tying eyes that look like tiny little barbell weights one would see at the gym where people go to make bicep muscles big by executing thousand curls. At least.

These Hareline lead fly tying eyes are barbells at most essential functional level. No frills. These lead fly tying eyes get the job done. When these are secured to the hook shank with figure eight wraps at the head of the fly, they provide weight to sink the fly. Some tyers prefer the plain lead fly tying eyes and some prefer the chrome plated fly tying eyes. The plain lead fly tying barbells provide weight and fly action with no sparkle, which some fly tyers find desirable. The chrome plated lead fly tying barbells provide weight and flash - a trait preferred by other fly tyers.

We invite you to also look at the Hareline painted lead barbell eyes in this very same fly tying materials section of our vast online catalog. And if lead is verboten in your home, check out the Hareline brass barbell fly tying eyes, the Hareline sunken barbell brass eyes, and the Hareline pseudo eyes.