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Wood Duck Flank Feathers

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Hareline Wood Duck Flank The best natural dry fly winging fibers.

Lemon Woodduck flank. Fine Lemon Wood duck feathers for decorative crafts, feathered jewelry, and feather art.

Each package holds 6 of the finest, most elegantly and subtly marked duck feathers that have a slight buff yellow color hint. These are either tipped with clear distinct black/white markings (natural markings) , or are simply marked with very fine dark bars across each fiber of the feather. singly or in pairs or such, these feathers make exquisite feathered earrings, chokers, headbands, and feather masks. These extra select feathers make fine feather adornments to hair braids, feather fans, and a wide variety of feathered artistic creations. Virtually no waste.

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